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you’re allowed to do this today


i have a new shop! -

 i made this one all by myself :) so i am able to make it cheaper, with no import duty and all the money goes to the artist.

i’ll be adding new things like t-shirts and scarves every so often as the old stocks deplete, so keep checking back.

let me know what you think! thanks :D

w x


utrecht-based photographer isolde woudstra manages to capture the eerie hyperrealism of daily life through the medium of photography – taking what exists and twisting it in a way that reveals the peculiarity of human behaviour. woudstra does not interfere with the imagery through digital manipulation – but specially curates a scene that could have been extracted deep from within the human psyche, denoting moments of weakness, fragility, nostalgia and memory. often weaving her interests in cats, occult imagery, and the collective unconscious, woudstra builds an interpretation of the quitodian inversed.


got that 80s movie schoolyard bully aesthetic

follow my datefriend they’re cute: topper915

lobotomy-queen asked: hey charlie have you ever thought about dying your hair lavender or violet? I think u'd look rly cute with purple hair.

i have actually !! I would need to lighten it quite a bit for lavender but i would love a soft flowery pastel sort of color. a plum sort of purple would be nice too, or possibly a magenta…! ill figure it out once it’s light enough. thank you ^___^


I moved these lil guys off the concrete and put them back into the bushes